October 7, 2022

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The Truth About Selling Sex

Many people have been confusing escorts and ordinary prostitutes out of ignorance and misconceptions. For many people, escorts operate just like escorts and their main work is to sell sex. However, Indianapolis Escorts have decided to bring out a notable difference between the two professions. Some of these are recorded below:

1.    Their office

Indianapolis Escorts have different roles they play as far as serving their clients is concerned. Some of these roles include working as a companion and a personal assistant when need be. However, a prostitute will never assume these roles because most of them are not learned and luck the right experience.

2.      Legality

Although not all countries and cities have legalized the escort industry, some have and allow them to operate under various set rules and regulations. However, prostitution has never been legalized in any part of the world. Selling of sex is considered as violation of human rights and this is the reason why Indianapolis Escorts major more on offering other services except sex to their clients.


Although escorts offer sex to their clients once in a while, this is not the main definition of their office. Many of the services they offer are legal and accepted by the society. This explains the reason why many countries are now legalizing it.